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6 months!
So, I have officially been wheat-free for 6 whole months. What a trip!

Being wheat-free has been an overall positive experience. Though it did not, as some suggested it would, cure or eliminate my chronic fatigue syndrome, it has had other positive outcomes.

The first one is the elimination of joint pain. I was a person who lived in pain every day. I hobbled around the house like a little old lady. The less wheat I ate, the less I hurt. Going wheat-free has made my life a lot less painful.

The second one is brain fog. I am less foggy and forgetful than when I ate wheat.

I'm probably going to stay wheat-free for the foreseeable future, but tonight I'm going to eat a doughnut and take careful notes over the next week WRT to my pain levels and other stuff.

So now my task is to get to the bottom of this: do I have celiac disease? Do I have a different immune reaction to something in meat? I don't know.
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I'm so glad that it's helping you! :D


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