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Kindness is Hard Sometimes
One of the things I've gotten good at in my 30s is being kind. I try really hard now to respond to anger and difficulty with kindness and compassion, instead of immediately becoming defensive. There are several reasons I do this, chief among them being that kindness is just more effective in general for my goals.

You know what? It's hard. And sometimes I get really tired of it. Presenting kindness, true kindness (not "kill them with kindness") in the face of other people's bullshit is really tiring sometimes. Sometimes, it feels deeply unfair: those times are when I offer kindness and receive meanness or evil in return, or when it isn't actually someone I want to deal with, but it seems that they need that kindness and have been put in my way so that I will give it to them.

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Ypu are much.better at this than I am! .A very worthy goal, and yes, hard work.

Yes it is hard. I see interesting things everyday and sometimes I just want to give someone a noogie. But, no. Keep calm. Remember it isn't about me, necessarily. Sometimes it is the situation. Sometimes it is lack of meds.

Being kind is definitely a worthwhile endeavor to pursue.

When you're putting everything you have into it, even when you get a negative response, you know that you've done everything possible, and have nothing to be ashamed of. But it's always a work in progress, and a series of learning opportunities -- there are so many times when you have to sit on your hands and ask yourself, before speaking up, "Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?"

Sometimes the "necessary" part is the hardest one -- I'm not good at biting my tongue when I have something to say, but I do my best to keep focusing on truth, genuine necessity, and kindness.

-- A <3

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