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Poor girl! Sorry she's having these dental problems, but I'm glad to hear she's eating. According to my vet, tooth removal is a lot less traumatic for cats than you'd think, for some reason, and he said that they usually heal quite quickly.

Zuul still needs her dental surgery, but we can't do it until we get her liver enzyme levels within the upper-normal band. Thankfully, the twice-daily pilling seems to be bearing fruit, because the last 3 tests have been going in a steady downward (good) direction.

I am going to have to talk to them about putting "NO CONVENIA" on the cats' charts -- I'm pretty sure that's what they gave Bastian for a suspected UTI (although he has never cultured positive -- it seems to be inflammatory for him, and a diet change has solved the problem.) The last thing I want is for Zuul's liver to be dealing with some random, unnecessary drug . . . especially since she's so willing to be pilled (she loves chicken-flavored pill pockets!)

Thanks for this info, it's the first I'd heard of it :/

Swift healing vibes to Serena!!


-- A <3

Aw, thank you! I was really worried that she would come home in pain and miserable, but she is her usual love-crazy self, if a little subdued. For about the first half hour after she got home, she wouldn't come to us. BUt Serena holds no grudges.

I hope you can get Zuul's liver enzymes under control so her teeth can be taken care of.

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