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Wheat Trial

Very early Sunday morning, I ate some conventional, wheat-based doughnuts. The results have been powerful.

First of all, I've had intestinal problems ever since. When I first ate the doughnuts, I felt a tight feeling in my stomach. This is familiar to me from the wheat-eating days. Sunday my stomach was enormously swollen and bloated. It was extremely uncomfortable. The doughnuts have been gradually and unpleasantly working their way out of my body.

Second: appearance. When I woke Sunday ( I slept for awhile after doughnuts) I had big dark circles under my eyes. I used to have circles like this ALL THE TIME. They are actually worse today than they were Sunday. They are the purply kind of circles that look sunken but are actually a little puffy.

Third: pain. I woke up Monday morning in a lot of pain. Not only was my stomach hurting, but my left leg was hurting. Not the knee joint, but the muscle and bone near it, felt like I had a big bruise. This pain persists, and has spread to all around my knee; it kind of wraps around my leg, having spread to circle my thigh and down to right below the knee. Monday night, the skin above the painful area started to itch. Today, both legs hurt. My joints feel grindy/burny. Last night my hip was hurting for the first time since last summer; last spring and summer I had a lot of pain in my right hip, every time I laid in bed, and it's been gone for a long time. Last night it came back.

Fourth: neurological stuff. I've been brain-foggy and forgetful since Sunday morning. My mind is just not as sharp, I am back to forgetting things often, easily distractable, etc. I've also had thermoregulation trouble, especially when lying in bed. I sleep under a blanket, on top of memory foam, wearing socks, next to Bon. And it's not winter here anymore. Yet I've found it impossible to get warm, I've actually been shaking with cold. Then a little while after I wake up, suddenly I feel burning hot. I am used to feeling a little warmer when I start feeling awake, but this is HOT.

Not only did B notice the brain fog/memory stuff, but get this: he also noticed that I've been super-clumsy. He says "It's been non-stop you bumping into things, tripping over things, and hurting yourself since we got doughnuts." This came up Monday when I reached for a towel to dry my hands, and my hand went far north of the towel and collided with the cabinet above it. I said "Really, you've noticed that?" and he said "OH YES. I'm thoroughly convinced that wheat affects you neurologically." He claims that about every 15 minutes he hears me drop something, say "ouch", or curse. He has a point: between Sunday and today I have bumped, banged, tripped, gouged, and clawed myself, and I've been dropping things as well.

The last thing is that Monday night I developed a bunch of tiny blisters on the top of my forearms.

So, what if the balance problems and neuropathy I've been suffering from for years are caused by wheat?

My blood sugar has also been very unstable; Monday evening it suddenly dropped very low, out of nowhere. This is also unusual, I have been keeping it pretty stable for months.

An interesting thing about the balance and forgetfulness issues: these aren't things that went away overnight when I stopped eating wheat, like the joint pain did. These are things that gradually improved, so slowly I didn't even notice until I ate wheat and they came crashing back down. If I've had incremental improvement over 6 months, maybe I can continue to have improvement in other areas.

I've learned my lesson, though, and that lesson is that wheat does not agree with me. So now I know, and I hope that avoiding it leads to more improvements.

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Oh, how I hate those reminders, but they sure are useful to keeping the decision, aren't they?

Yeah. I think it was important to test it, just to make sure I was really getting benefits, and that the symptoms I was having were really related to wheat. But I was really surprised by the neuro stuff. It had never even occurred to me that those things were related to wheat.

It's been in the forefront of my own body-as-science-experiments, I didn't know that you had problems related to it also.
I have been finding research from the UK concerning intolerances being related to pesticides being used today, especially on wheat, but one person's study in particular lost my interest when she started in on vaccines and autism.

I did, however, find this site and am looking around on it to find out if it's reliable, mainly because I came across this article.

sorry to hear the detox is taking so much longer than it took to eat the donut, but it certainly looks like a useful experiment. I have to maintain my mixed diet until I get scoped - looks like April. I'm really looking forward to starting my elimination trials. The whole [look 5 months prego for hours after meals] thing is soooooo old. Best of luck! I hope your recovery doesn't take too much longer...

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