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Oh, how I hate those reminders, but they sure are useful to keeping the decision, aren't they?

Yeah. I think it was important to test it, just to make sure I was really getting benefits, and that the symptoms I was having were really related to wheat. But I was really surprised by the neuro stuff. It had never even occurred to me that those things were related to wheat.

It's been in the forefront of my own body-as-science-experiments, I didn't know that you had problems related to it also.
I have been finding research from the UK concerning intolerances being related to pesticides being used today, especially on wheat, but one person's study in particular lost my interest when she started in on vaccines and autism.

I did, however, find this site and am looking around on it to find out if it's reliable, mainly because I came across this article.

sorry to hear the detox is taking so much longer than it took to eat the donut, but it certainly looks like a useful experiment. I have to maintain my mixed diet until I get scoped - looks like April. I'm really looking forward to starting my elimination trials. The whole [look 5 months prego for hours after meals] thing is soooooo old. Best of luck! I hope your recovery doesn't take too much longer...

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