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Getting Organized

Yeah this is like my third post in the last couple of hours. I feel like I've been putting off recording these things and it's good to get them all down.

This week B came home from a month away. The month he was gone was very hard for me because I was the ONLY person doing anything to clean this house. R left messes everywhere he went and hardly did anything to clean. I couldn't even keep up, let alone get ahead on organizing and etc.

B is home now and that's helping us to get back on track. Last week I did put R to work in the rest of the house so I could finally do something about my horribly messy bedroom. Did you know that dust and lint smell? They do. And now that I have dusted for the first time since last summer and also cleaned the floor, the room smells a lot better. It's embarrassing how bad it was, but I was trying so hard to keep up with the rest of the house that I never had time/energy to clean my own room. It is much better now, but still needs work.

The studio was also getting worse and worse. I decided that for craft storage I wanted to get an inexpensive chest of drawers. I looked on CL and swa very few that I liked, and they were all way out in the suburbs. B suggested we hit a few thrift stores first. We did so and found NO tall chest of drawers! It was weird. There were many wide ones, but no tall ones. We did, however, find an armoire we really liked and B talked me into purchasing it. Our plan has always been to buy a cheap armoire to make into a future sewing armoire. So for now we bought this one, and will use it for craft storage. In a few months when we make it into a sewing armoire, we will pick up an inexpensive chest of drawers then.

Also in organizational news, R got an Amazon gift card from work and we used it to buy a tall cabinet for the kitchen. It's about 72x23x11. It will go next to the stove and provide some much-needed cabinet space so we can get more organized in the kitchen. As it is we are bursting out. The cabinet arrived today but we need to assemble it, which will probably happen tomorrow. Tonight was devoted instead to clearing out space for the craft armoire to arrive.
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