Unrepentant Artfag (00goddess) wrote,
Unrepentant Artfag

Houston Flood 2015

We all made it through the flood okay. R and I spent Monday afternoon visiting friends and got home right before the flood rain started. The water came up and up and up the street. Around 4am I went out to the porch and saw that R's car (parked in the street) was about to take on water, so I woke him up. B was very sick so R moved both cars up the driveway.

By 5am our whole street was under water, from the bike trail to the end of the block. The water came up over the curb and over the sidewalks. Our back yard also flooded (which is a new thing that just started happening last year.) The house, though, is 2 feet off the ground in the main part and about 18" in the addition, so the house was fine. ASAP we are going to start adding topsoil to the back yard, gently sloped to direct water away from the house. The lot is higher than the street, but the back yard has settled a lot I guess.

R discovered yesterday that his car did take on a little water on the back floorboard. He said it smells terrible.

My family is ok, too. One of our friends' houses flooded. We've all been very lucky, really. Houston really invested in drainage after Allison.
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