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homo superior in my interior

Unrepentant Artfag

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Health Update
I think I'm finally done hemorrhaging. That was about 4 weeks of blood loss. No picnic. Mybe the new med is helping (Azulfidine) but it's really, really hard to take 1 pill 4 times a day. So hard. I am sure I am a bit anemic (my gums are pale) but I hope to be on the mend.

I'm down 6 pounds this year, which is nice. I'm shrinking in size much faster than I am shrinking in weight though. Today I found that my everyday pants are just too big to be decent in public anymore, so I tried on a bunch of pants I had that haven't fit me in years. The pants that are too big are size 16 Torrid. The pants that did not fit me before, but now fit are: a size 18 NYDJ, a size 16 NYDJ, and a size 16 no-brand jean. The size 18s from NYDJ are actually a bit loose at the waist.

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hi. i am trying to find some new lj friends here and came across your lj.

looks like we have a lot in common so i asked to friend you.

i hope you are feeling better than the post i am commenting on.

blessed be.

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