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homo superior in my interior

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RIP Harley Quinn
This morning our cat Harley Quinn died. She appears to have died peacefully in her sleep. She was curled up in her little cat hammock, her own special spot, and did not appear to have struggled or had any pain. She did seem to have thrown up a little undigested food, which is worrisome because she had not eaten since Saturday morning. But she had no symptoms of anything wrong with her at all.

Harley was only about 3 years old and her death is so shocking.

Harley showed up at our house in late 2012 or early 2013. I was in AZ but R told me about her: "There is a pretty kitten who sits in the pecan tree all the time." He or someone started calling her "Nugget" and for a long time that was what she was called. She was completely feral at first but eventually became friendly and tame. She ran off the other feral cats from our house and started trying to come inside. If R left the door open, she would walk in and make herself at home. She had several kittens, as I have mentioned before. In early 2014 she was pregnant and we brought her inside permanently, with the intention of getting her spayed. She had kittens before we could, but we did get her spayed afterward and all the kittens were homed.

In 2014 I started to think that her name was Harley, but we didn't officially change it until 2015, I think. She really blossomed with the new name, she got excited when we called it and came running.

Harley also got really excited when she knew someone was about to pet her, she would wiggle from nose to butt and B dubbed this "the Harley shake."

She tricked us by being a short-haired cat for the first 2-ish years she hung around, and suddenly growing long hair in the late summer of 2014. I am not a person who wants to adopt a long-haired cat but by then she was already ours! We always planned to get her a lion cut to help control the hair.

Harley loved to snuggle and to be petted. She liked balls with bells inside. She even chased the ribbon toy sometimes. She had extremely long tufts of fur on her feet, like no cat I've ever seen. They stuck out from under her feet when she walked.

She was not super-bright, but she was learning, and she was so loving. She was so happy to just be in my lap.

I startd writing this comment this morning but now I am very tired and I am sure there are things I am forgetting to write about sweet Harley Quinn.

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So hard to lose a companion like that, my condolences to you.

Thank you. She was a sweet little cat.

Oh, goodness! I am so sorry for your loss. Do you have other cats? If so, are you going to try to find out what she might have died from? 3 is so young!

Thank you!

We do have other cats but we are not going to do a necropsy. Harley actually just had her annual exam a few months ago and had a clean bill of health. Also she had no symptoms of illness. Our cats don't go out so she couldn't have caught something and brought it into the house.

If she had displayed any symptoms before she died, we would have taken them in right away to be examined, but since she did not, we think they are ok.

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