Unrepentant Artfag (00goddess) wrote,
Unrepentant Artfag

Thoughts About Climate

When I first went GF, I was living in AZ. My health improved dramatically and I thought I would have more improvement over time.

I moved back to Houston in late 2014 and life went to shit, my health along with it. Although my ex was definitely a factor, and so was the mold in his house, I am starting to wonder if the climate here is part of the problem.

Note: the climate in AZ was very hard on me. The grit everywhere tore my skin, and a dry climate is also really hard on my skin. The heat was also hard on me- I don't want to move back there. Heat waves are known to worsen IBD.

So I wonder if I need to be in a place with a dry climate that isn't crazy hot OR super-cold, and also gets a lot of sun. Which is depressing, because there aren't a lot of dry, not hot climates that are liberal. And I don't want to move again. I want a break. I want to nest. And there are so many things I love about this climate and this place. and while I don't have many friends, the ones I have are here. But my past is also here, and I am learning that in order to truly heal from PTSD, I need to get rid of a lot of items from my past.

Opal really liked the dry climate too, she was so happy and furry in AZ!
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