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Unrepentant Artfag

Unrepentant Artfag
2 September
I work like bees in the honey. --N. Finn

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
- T.S. Eliot

I am a multimedia artist living in Houston, Tx. This has been my online journal since the year 2000 e.v.

Select quotes:

"Win. She is made of win."- tzaddi93
"...viciously evil snarking mod goddess of dice, large piercings, super spies, bond girls, and possibly orgasmic sighs..."- atrocitease
"00goddess is not the nicest person on the internet".- mogwar
"the most satanic, purely evil person I have ever encountered..."- Cara Lauren Donfrio
"The cutest thing ever!"-- indigo93

Here is an ever-growing list of random facts about myself.

If you add me to your friends list, please do not be offended if I do not add you to mine right away, or if I do not add you at all. Most of the people on my list are people with whom I have had a significant amount of interaction, either online or in person. Others are people to whom I feel a special connection or kinship.

Although I do enjoy discussion and sharing of ideas, this journal is not a place for debate. Attacks upon myself, my choices, or my ideas will not be tolerated. Disagree all you want, but do it intelligently and politely, or do it elsewhere.

If you are a minor in your area of residence, please do not participate in this journal.

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Date Created:8-18-2000
Number of Posts: 3,043

00goddess is a generally creative person in constant pursuit of self-knowledge. Changing consciousness is her forte. She's a magician, an author, and a damn good cook. Her menagerie takes up much of her "free" time, and her spiritual practice takes up the rest.
Strengths: Intelligence, beauty, creative flair, and powerful pheromones.
Weaknesses: Ice cream, procrastination, and screwy sleep habits.
Special Skills: (Over-)analytical thinking, lightning-sharp wit, and sexual healing.
Weapons: Naturally curly tentacle-hair, sarcasm, arcane lore.
Quote: "I'd rather regret what I have done, than regret what I have not done."

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I maintain four communites on LiveJournal: sumerian_pagan, ponding, polyamory, and tepper_fans. If you have any questions about how to post in those communities, please consult the LJ FAQ. If your question is still not answered, then feel free to email me. I might not respond.

I created and formerly maintained pagan, longhair, and bisexual, but I have since turned them over to wonderful and able maintainers.

Death tarot card userpic copyright Lunaea Weatherstone. Used with permission.

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